"My Subaru love story is my dad, who passed on many years ago. He ALWAYS drove Subaru's on waaaay back dirt roads in Vermont delivering newspapers in the winter before the snowplows came out. One night I was with him, I was about 10 and he had to stop to deliver a paper halfway up a dirt hill and it had been raining for hours and then the temperature dropped and everything turned to ice, trees, newspaper boxes, telephone wires and of course the road.

"I love my Subaru!!! People stop and ask me about my Subaru all the time. And just what is so special about MY Subaru?? I have one of the bright yellow Baja trucks. Being a native Vermonter, snow and ice are a part of my life. With the all-wheel-drive, my Subaru is like a mountain goat. We live on a hill that has two choices for access. One is a very steep, winding hill. The other is a more gradual hill with an almost-hairpin turn at the top. My Subaru has not failed me yet. And, we also have a Sheltie named Chloe,.. so the Subaru Impreza that is being given away would fit perfectly with our family, graphics and all!" Darlene K.

"Back in the early 80's I bought my first Subaru and loved it. I was active in many outdoor recreational clubs like biking, white water canoeing, camping and a variety of other activities. My Subaru wagon was the perfect car for my active lifestyle! I have had my eye on purchasing a new car for several years but I have not had the financial reserves at my disposal. Having a home in New Hampshire validates driving a Subaru to navigate through the challenging winters and therefore I hope that I am the lucky winner and can drive away the Subaru!" Sheila D.t

"We went to a friend's house in Walpole with our new Subaru Impreza. It started to snow. After dinner, there was about two feet of snow on the country roads of Walpole. The Impreza busted through the snow bank and handled the snow without a problem. The only downfall was that we did have an excuse to stay at our friend's house." Michael D.

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